Tuesday, 17 January 2017


There are many things we do that we get peoples appraisal but not God's validation.Don't get carried away when people praise you and tell you it's okay to do this or that without first first asking God or getting his validation about it.Too many this days get carried away doing the wrong things just because they get human praises while they are on about it.sometimes there are things so many do that deep inside, their conscience tells them it's wrong and even makes them uncomfortable in their spirit but because most times their focus seems to be shifted from  seeking God first to getting the praises of men they turn a deaf ear.Have you stopped to ask yourself do i have God's validation or approval as you go on in your daily activities ? Have you asked yourself these people i feel so comfortable with their appraisal is their way right with God(do this without judging anyone ,focus on the goal )? I tell you if God's frowns at it humans approval is zero .There is a way that seem right to you but the end thereof isn't God's desire for you.What's your priority is it God's approval or man praises ? Whatever you do should be to the glory of God.If there is anyone you should fear his judgement that should be your creator ,the giver of your life.
You can get peoples praises or approval based on favouritism ,emotions,benefits,out of gratitude and this can really be misleading but know this that God's approval or validation isn't based on any of this ,it is unconditional ,righteous, true ,just. He does everything for us having our best interest at heart because his thought for us is of good and not of evil to give us a hope and a future .Don't get swayed with peoples praise because with it the wrongs automatically feels right to you.please don't get comfortable with those things just because people say yes to it,God's validation is what puts you on the right track.When God says Yes or no or wait for a while trust his word because he is working everything out for your good and his love towards us is unconditional .so before you think to put the praises of people above his validation remember his unconditional love that made you who you are today .seek him first and all other things shall be added to you !


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