Friday, 27 January 2017


NUGGET: ISAIAH 49:8 ; “This what the LORD says: “I’ll answer you in a time of favor, and on a day of salvation I’ll help you. I have watched over you, and given you as a covenant for the people, to restore the land, to reassign the inheritances that have been devastated.Thank You Jesus !
I decree that anything God has not accepted in this year for you shall not manifest in your life. I pray that your desires and request shall go up to God as a sweet smelling savor and answers shall be released to you as rain drops.Every battle against the will of God for your life is cancelled by the blood of Jesus. I decree by the power of God that from today you shall be a terror to your enemies,they shall not be able to stand against the brightness of God's light upon you.I decree that great things shall be proclaimed over your life and family.I pray that the Lord shall succor you in every area of your life.Those who have driven you away shall begin to look for you to show you kindness.Whatever the devil has hidden in this year to trouble you i decree that it is exposed and nullified by the blood of Jesus.Caged blessings, testimonies, and miracles by the power of God they are released now.Receive divine oil to be established in this year.In the multitude of God's mercies supernatural uncommon manifestation shall begin to happen in your Life.I decree a divine relocation for a total turn around.whatever has held you bound for so long it is broken permanently by the sword of fire.Now is your season.The brightness of your star shall silence the mouth of your oppressors.You shall experience the acceptable season of God's loving kindness in Jesus name,amen !

TODAY'S TIP: Look beyond the obstacles and set your heart on God !


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