Wednesday, 18 January 2017


It's not just when you are not saved or in a problem that you need God,you need God just as you need your breath.your dear need for God makes you free of self .These words "GOD I NEED YOU" should be your daily desire and prayer. Giving yourself this constant reminder keeps you in check and equips your love for God.Infact it's the time when you feel things are going well for you that you need God most,it keeps you focus on eternity, it reminds you that its his grace that brought you thus far and his grace is your sustaining strength. When you let God know he is all you need ,he meets to all your physical needs.Never allow yourself get to that point in life that you feel it's all by your doing and you gradually begin to rule out God's place in your life. If you make God your priority he will make you his project and your life a testimonious wonder.when your life is founded in Christ and you put God first in all you do ,you have no fear of fall.keep letting God know how much you need him,how much his love means to you ,how much you can't do without him,and you will be amazed how he will turn your life around for good.There is no life outside God,God is can't get enough of God.
Have you told God how much you need him today ? Yearn for God and let your desire for him never go down.Irrespective of where you are,who you are,what you are or have, you need God ! Let God know how much you need him before you place your needs before him,be rest assured that while you are still praying you've received answers .you need God !


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