Thursday, 5 January 2017


There are testimonies in the bible of those people that believed against hope ,examples are  Abraham and Sarah,Hannah, Esther,Daniel, Job and some others .This people believed even when the situations seemed like a no no.
Whenever things come that challenges your faith that is God about to take the glory over that situation. Don't fret when things go against hope rather believe that God will step in and proof himself as God.Situations that challenges your faith is not to fret or fear but to trust God more.Hope maketh not ashame, you can never be put to shame when God is your trust.Your faith sustained and firm even when it seems like what you prayed for isn't coming forth is a sign of victory over that situation. Christ is our hope and in him our hope is renewed and that's why the devil keeps fighting and bringing things that will make us give up on our faith in Christ but know this that if nothing could hold Jesus down as a heir of the father according to the promise nothing can hold you down.The devil only have tricks and tactics he has no power against or over you, except he is given an access through sinful lifestyle but be rest assured that when you are In line with God's word and your faith is firm in him you are more than a conqueror,and also it's not of him that willeth nor of him that runneth but if the Lord that showeth mercy. Don't get pressured up by anything rather believe, cast your cares upon him,those toughest moment are the breakthrough point. When it seems like its about to get tough be sure to triumph In Christ. No matter the rage of the storm Jesus is the calm.what you see doesn't determine what God will do.Faith is not what you see you believe but rather what you believe you see.Against Hope ,Believe ! God is Able !


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