Sunday, 22 January 2017


NUGGET: Ephesians 1:18;I pray that God will open your minds. So then you will understand what he has chosen to give to you. You will know the good things that he has caused you to hope for certainly. You will know what very rich and great things he has prepared for his people.Thank you Jesus
I decree that your dream shall not die,your visions shall not fail.Those who will help you to the next level the Lord shall cause them to locate you.The grace you need for fulfillment receive it now.I decree by the power of God that the eyes of your heart is open to divine revelational ideas that will turn things around for the best in your life.The Lord shall open your spiritual eyes to see the well of mercy and draw from it.Where you have been disgraced grace shall be activated to set you apart .In the name of Jesus you are anointed for a touch of greatness. Good things that has been silent in your life shall begin to speak for good.Good doors that has been long closed begin to open up to you on there own accord.Now is your time,you are unstoppable.The right contact for destiny manifestation receive it now.i rebuke frustration and set back out of your life by the power of God.God is on your side therefor those against you shall stumble and fall.The giant in you arise and break forth into a living testimony. Jesus that shed his blood for a testament of new things shall cause wonders to manifest in your life. Go and be a ruler of nations in Jesus name,amen !

TODAY'S TIP: Your heart is what God is after and is what he looks at,make it right with him as you go about your endeavour !


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