Tuesday, 24 January 2017


NUGGET: Psalm 62:7,8 ; It is God that made me safe and put me somewhere important. God is a strong rock and a shelter. Everybody should always trust in him! Tell him everything that is in your heart. God is our shelter! Thank you Jesus !
I pray that there shall be a channel of God's unending flow of grace in your life.I pray that grace shall speak over your life.The covenant in the blood of Jesus that exceeds all covenant is changing rules for your favour.The benefits of sons of God shall not elude you.Receive grace to enlarge the will of your father(God) to move beyond the limitation that life has placed around you.The song of mercy shall not cease from your lips.I decree that the Joy of triumph shall be heard in your home.I pray that you shall be relevant to your generation and beyond ,the oil of relevance is released upon you.The goodness of God that endures continually shall be yours and your family's. By the power of God receive the blessedness to be skillful in all you do.By the mercies of God you are commended for divine approval. Where others fail you shall prevail.You shall not be a burden but a blessing.I pray that your story shall change from where is your God to i see God's hand in your life in Jesus name,amen !

TODAY'S TIP: It's not grades that got you to were you are or that will take you to God's desired place for you,it's the grace of God !


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