Sunday, 29 January 2017


NUGGET: PSALM 102:13; You will again get up and have mercy on Zion: for the time has come for her to be comforted.Thank you Jesus !
I decree has delayed you from manifesting your set time ,the Lord release his angels to double cross them for your miracle to manifest.Evil calendar activated in this year against your progressed is consumed by the fire of the holy ghost.I decree that your time to be comforted on all side has come.I pray that God's compassion shall be extended unto you and your household.Evil hand magnetising you backward withers by the fire of God.I decree divine advancement over your life.The Lord shall smile on you and all that you do.I proclaim that this your time and season of favour.All that has made you mourn shall become a thing of laughter and testimony.You shall not be a deserted city but a fruitful land.Whatever has laid your honour in the dust for so long ,by the power of God i decree a rising out of that dust now.Receive grace for a better and closer intimacy with God.You shall begin to experience revelations for divine direction. Whatever was done in the past against your future is nullified by the blood of Jesus.The ground of reproach shall not prosper in your life.The grace that lifts shall locate you in Jesus name,amen

TODAY'S TIP: The cross is where the burden should be laid down and not your heart.Stop letting yourself get weighed down by things God has already settled on the cross !


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