Tuesday, 31 January 2017


NUGGET: PSALM 136:4; To the one who alone does great and wondrous things, for his gracious love is everlasting.Thank you Jesus !
By the power of God i decree a total end to emptiness in your life.I decree that never again shall you see shame .The Lord shall perform wonders specifically for you.Receive the divine oil of bountiful folds.Where men have disappointed you the Lord shall give you preference and divine appointment. Evil Generational debt requesting payments from you ,by the power in the blood of Jesus they are nullified. Powers against your full satisfaction, i decree the rage of fire against them.Where it seems your physical power can't get to, the Lord shall manifest wonders on your behalf.Same God that took Joseph from prison to palace shall crown you with grace and blessedness for new level.Now is your time to overflow in God's goodness.God is wiping out years of tears and placing upon you glory and beautification. Your name shall no longer be mentioned for negativity but for favour. By the power of God you shall manifest greatness. I decree heavenly release and divine positioning of all that God has imbedded in this month and beyond for you. The Lord shall launch into the new month and his right hand shall establish you in Jesus name ,amen!

TODAY'S TIP: Align your right attitude of expectations to your desires.Your help doesn't come from another person but God !


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