Tuesday, 3 January 2017


There is nothing too big or too small to ask for the help of the holy spirit.When you ask the holy spirit for help you can never be mislead because the holy spirit is the spirit of truth so every leading he gives is the way of truth.Don't limit the holy spirit with your mind or to something. The holy spirit is not to be tested rather maximise the privilege of knowing the holy spirit.Bank on him,rely on him,trust in the holyspirit,fellowship with the holy spirit, let the holy spirit have his way in everything you do ,let the holy spirit be that confidant you seek and desire .For you to keep a constant fellowship with the holyspirit you have to be submissive because the ways of God are not the ways of man,so you have to be ready to yield to the holyspirit even when it doesn't seem to make sense.There is alot the holyspirit can teach you if you are submissive,it shows the extent to which you love and desire the continuity of his fellowship.The holyspirit os the best guide and guard.If you in doubt ask the holyspirit,before you take that decision ask the holyspirit and you will never go astray.
When Jesus was talking about his ascension up to heaven he told his disciples of sending the comforter which is the holyspirit and he will guide us in all truth.so you  can't have the holyspirit and still be comfortless.The holyspirit is not just for a season,a time or for a moment,the holyspirit is for always .When you bank (rely) on the holyspirit for everything ,everything about your life becomes beautiful and in line with God's plan.The holyspirit relieves you of the stress and strain you will have to go through doing it with your own power .The holyspirit helps you to live a life and walk in the path that is pleasing to God.The holyspirit never dissapoints.Don't go ahead of the holyspirit rather let the holyspirit go and ahead of you and lead you in the path of truth.Make a quality decision today to always ,continually and completely bank on the holyspirit !


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