Wednesday, 25 January 2017


NUGGET: MICAH 5:9;Your hand is lifted up against those who are against you, and all your haters will be cut off.Thank you Jesus !
I pray for that person that has been struggling at a particular point for so long ,i decree that the Lord is taking you further and farther. For those struggling with negative habits and addiction of any kind you are delivered by God's hand of mercy.I pray that your past shall not become a bondage to your present and future.God's helping hand shall find you where you have been forgotten. I pray that your name shall be put forward before great people and you shall be favoured. I decree that you shall not be lost in the valley God shall pave the way for you.whoever has spoken anything against your living when God has not declared it shall be silenced forever .The grace never to be replaced but remain relevant receive it now .In this year 2017 your glory shall speak beyond borders.I pray that your blessing shall not slip away from your hands.Everything you come in contact with this year shall favour your righteous course. All that pertain to life and godly living you shall have.You shall shine beautifully in his grace in Jesus name,amen !

TODAY'S TIP : Rely on a source that can never be out of resource his name is Jesus !


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