Saturday, 14 January 2017


NUGGET: 2Samuel 23:5; The LORD will bless my descendants. That is because he has given a promise to me. And that promise will be for all time. He will not change his promise. And he will do what he has promised to do. That is all that I want. And he will keep me safe.Thank you Jesus !
I decree Joy,peace and love upon every family.Anything that is causing instability in that home i decree a calm by the power of God.I pray that the seed of every home the Lord shall establish, you shall have no reason to sorrow over any member of your family .The blood of Jesus shall speak better things into your family ,whatever went wrong in your family line is corrected by the blood of Jesus.I decree the discovery and fulfilment of purpose upon every family and household.The Lord shall remember you with the light of his countenance and cause your dark season to be over.i speak the spirit of the head and dominion over you and your family.what has caused tears to flow in that family shall become a thing of joy and testimony. Every seed of your home shall be accounted for greatness .your season shall be filled with resounding joy.The God of wonders shall visit your home with bountiful and your household shall enjoy the depth of God's goodness.Nations shall rise to your light.your home shall enjoy sweetness in Jesus name,amen!

TODAY'S TIP: When God is involved, all is a process for victory.Trust the process, Grow the progress!


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