Sunday, 15 January 2017


NUGGET: Zechariah 8:12; For I will let the seed of peace be planted; the vine will give her fruit and the land will give her increase and the heavens will give their dew; and I will give to the rest of this people all these things for their heritage.Thank you Jesus !
Lord we thank you for a new week.i decree by the power of God in this new you enter into your new level.Every opportunity that was lost the Lord shall cause you to recover. where others are struggling the Lord shall make you fruitful indeed. I pray that you eyes shall be open to the path of solution God is directing you.The Lord shall show you his well of mercy and make you satisfied to the full.Gabages and tares of unfruitfulness i rebuke them out of your life.God's plan for you shall overrule every satanic desire against you.i pray that nations shall be blessed in you.The name of Jesus deliver you in peace from every battle that is against you.I decree by the power of God that you shall not be a talk of reproach among your neighbours.The Lord shall remember you with the covenant of blessings he made with Abraham. The Lord is positioning you for an enlargement of your coast The Lord is filling every emptiness that brought about dishonour in your life.Receive divine victory that silences shame and disgrace in Jesus name,amen !

TODAY'S TIP: Make your own wish ,stop desiring to have someone else's or have all that they have because you can never get comfortable in someone else's armour .God has a plan for you!


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