Monday, 23 January 2017


When grace is at work in a man's life it is simply saying grace is alive and living(manifesting) in such life.when grace is impacted on or upon that grace  is living.Grace is what makes a man,when grace locates or is activated in a life it never leaves that person the same way they were.when grace changes a life it begins to help that person live a much better life. Grace makes a life meaningful,ease struggles and turn it to miracle. Never underestimate what grace can do in a life.Grace is living and alive because anytime you come in contact with a person that carries greater grace there is a knowing and a mark of difference. We all experience or enjoy the privilege of grace in our everyday life,it empowers us to do .So whenever you see a greater grace and it's something you desire to also to enjoy in your life ,key into it by celebrating it,sow and humble your self to receive,because grace in a life can be replicated through impartation,grace never dies it lives and as much as you desire great grace you first have to know and be connected to the foundation of grace and that's Jesus,he is the one who gave the privilege of grace .Once you know him and you are committed to serving him he moves you from one level of living in grace to another.Always ask God for grace  in all that you do,it's your daily tablet for living because it lives and more so because the one (JESUS ) who made grace available to us lives.keep enjoying the life of grace as you get into a deeper knowing of the father.Grace lives !


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