Monday, 30 January 2017


The ability to perceive your moment opens your heart to being a blessing of solution.Stop focusing on the problem and negativity around you,start thinking of how you can be a solution .What are those lapses you see around ,you can equip yourself or take up the courage to fill them up that way you will definitely make an impact .Don't put on a nonchalant attitude about every phase God is taking you through,perceive and be sensitive about it.Know the purpose why you are where you are and make the most out of it ,you never know that might just be a start of something new in your life or an open door for breakthrough.Just like the shunem woman in 2kings 4:8-17 who was able to perceive what needed to done at that moment and time and it brought about her own miracle.Your complains can't stir a change, but your ability to perceive,have a foresight of solution and make a positive impact can. Perceive your moment what are those things lacking around you,turn a positive eye of solution on them and rise on the ladder of relevance because your influence is what makes you relevant. Let your living not just be about you alone,perceive your moment be concerned about others.Don't live in isolation, be an influence,touch lives,impact souls,desire to be more.Stop picking up fights and quarells,don't shy away from the truth, don't run away from challenges(they make you better when you face them with faith and boldness in Christ).It's about time you begin to perceive why God has placed you where you are at such a time and ask for his grace to touch lives positively. The nonchalant and carefree lifestyle won't help you make the most of where you are ,don't turn a blind eye when you see something going wrong ,perceive your moment,touch a life and make a difference !

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