Wednesday, 25 January 2017


Every moment of your life there should be something that motivates you ,gives you a drive and keeps you going relentlessly that is a calk to action.You should say things to yourself that pushes you to be better ,things like yes i can ,God has made me more than this,i know who i am ,my generation is waiting for my manifestation. This are are the kind of words you need at every moment of your life.Just as the bible says encourage yourself in the Lord.Do not let anything frustrate you out of God's purpose for your life and that's why you have to keep telling yourself things that pushes you forward .At every moment of your life use words that inspires you to be the best that you can.You were not created to be a burden but a blessing.push yourself beyond the limits and say to yourself yes i can because everything that God has planned concerning you is all for good but how come you keep letting the devil trick your mind to be troubled. What is your call to action at those time when you down,when you feel all out,do you let yourself stay down or you tell yourself its time to be my best.You need that call to action as a driving force ,you need to keep saying it to yourself at every moment.Do the best you can and God will do the rest you can't .Your calk to action is a driving force so say it,live and be it !

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