Tuesday, 10 January 2017


When last did you think to pray for someone other than yourself and family? Do you have the feeling or notion that praying for others is a waste of time ?is it always about you ,yourself and yours? I tell you its about time you change such mentality or mindset because it is wrong.
Do you know that praying for others has a way of opening realms for your own doors.Do you know that might just be saving a soul or souls with that prayer.Do you know that life can be transformed by simply calling on God on their behalf.when you pray for others it simply shows that when God blesses you ,you won't only think about yourself and family but also about others.Instead of judging and criticising that person going astray why don't you pray for him/her .After someone tells you about what he/she is going through beyond material help do you pray for them not just that minute they are with you but also in your closet. It wont do you any harm if you pick a day to fast for persons or countries in crisis. Be sure or rest assured that as you are doing this God is working out yours without you mentioning it.God is looking for armies that will rise up for people, nations,countries,cities,towns and even villages with the influence of their faith and prayers,this depicts strength and selflessness. It's not just enough for you alone to enjoy knowing God ,influence others with your spiritual gifts because God has room for more ,this will definitely bring smile to God's face seeing you call on his name on behalf of others. That will be you manifesting the fruit of loving your neighbour as yourself. Stop talking about the problems and start praying about it. Jesus didn't die for one he died for all so every persons life is important. Romans 1:9; encourages us to mention others in prayers. Being a Christian or rather sons and daughters of the father isn't just about you but the impact you have on others using your spiritual gift. Take time today to pray for others and i see God breaking forth his light upon you in Jesus name, amen !

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