Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Know the difference between when you are useful and when you are used.Anything you do that makes you feel a sense of fulfillment ,achievement and blessed that's you being useful.Whatever you do that makes you feel regrets,worthless,unaccomplished at the end of the day it's you being used.
Know your worth,don't be used in the beam of trying to please people. Know that you have something inside of you that can help someone out there be better and feel inspired.Do all you can to touch lives positively wherever you find yourself. You could be an employee and still make impact.Being useful doesn't mean you have to have all the money or have the best of education ,it's all about your relevance .what you can do and enjoy doing and people are being blessed by it.
Once those around you notice your nonchalant attitude towards being relevant, you end being used.Have a dream,have a plan,have a vision and put them to action.Bring ideas to the table ,have a drive that makes you better ,by doing all this you become useful.know your worth ! Decide today to make a difference, be useful and not used !

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