Tuesday, 14 February 2017


NUGGET: EPHESIANS 1:4;This is true because he chose us to belong to Christ. God chose us in Christ before he made the world. He chose us in Christ to be completely good. So now, God thinks that there is nothing wrong with us. God loved us.Thank you Jesus !
I pray that you shall not depart from the foundation of salvation in Christ.I pray that God's faithfulness shall continually be with thee.I pray that your heart shall  not yield to desires nor lust after things that will mar your destiny. I pray that in all your pursuit heaven shall be your priority goal.I pray that the kind of weakness that overwhelmed Samson's heart and taunted his destiny shall not  overpower you,the grace to rise above weaknesses the Lord shall release upon you.I pray the spirit of God shall guide you with his word.Receive divine revelation for breakthrough ideas in Jesus name.The grace to love in meekness and sincerity of heart the Lord shall give to you.I pray upon you the grace for godliness and contentment. Every evil sackloth that has stopped your shine is burnt to ashes. The Lord shall dress you with garment of celebration.whatever has been a burden in your heart the Lord overrule it for a testimony.By the power of God and divine dominion you go and manifest your original identity in Jesus name,amen!

TODAY'S TIP : How can you say you love when you do not love even the least of your brethren(neighbours and those around you).Love is beyond pretence ,it should come from the heart!


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