Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Be you ,don't try to be someone else because everyone is all sold out living their identity. Your uniqueness is found when you are yourself. Your identity is discovered in being you.Each time or as much as you struggle to be someone else you will only end up being a second best because that's not your original,Your original comes from within you.Develop the courage to love yourself and embrace your uniqueness. The moment you love yourself and learn to be and appreciate you,it simply helps you live your true or original identity. Purpose is found in being you,dreams are built and lived successfully when you are yourself. When you are yourself ,you attract like minded people but the reverse is the case when you try to live in a false identity .The true essence and beauty of living is found in your originality, it's found in you .so be yourself ,embrace your uniqueness that is your identity and soar high as you live You !


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