Monday, 13 February 2017


A quick look at Judges 6:12-16 and reading a little further you will see that God decided to use Gideon despite his poor and idolised background,in the human terms Gideon wasn't qualified for what God to used him to do but God choose him anyway.He saw himself irrelevant but God saw him relevant for the assignment ,God saw him beyond his background. This simply tells us that qualification or background doesn't qualify, God does ! The phase and process that you go through isn't the end of the road rather it's the beginning of a better life,your destination is what matters ,your fulfillment according to his promise is what God is after.Don't quit when you are still living ,God is on your case.Stop analyzing your life based on your background,you have to know and realise that God is the determinant of your future.Be rest assured that God is always out to do what outweighs your circumstances and background. God is interested in you to bless you.Your background is just a medium to get you to your destination. It might not be rossy at the beginning but be rest assured that your latter will be greater.To climb every ladder you have to start from the ground level and eventually as you determine and stay focus you get to the point you desire to be at the ladder.See your background as your starting point and not your staying point. You might be at the ground phase but be sure that God is taking you to a better place.You have a whole life and greater things ahead of you.Never let your background be a question mark on your destiny,don't let it be a limitation to your destination.Though he took you through that phase but he won't leave you there he is about to take you to a whole new level .Open your heart to God and trust him beyond your background and you will get to your destination !

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