Wednesday, 8 February 2017


Too many times we discourage ourselves even before we make an attempt .Never say it can't be done until you have given it a try over and over,even at that persevere because that worst could just turn out to be the best if you give it a try.Don't let the word "i can't" be a norm in your life.When you try something and it seems not to work out that doesn't make you a failure rather it makes you better experienced and grow.Never give up on trying because you never know that one try could just help you break even.Don't let anyone tell you that you can't,just go ahead and proof them wrong, be your best at it,be diligent and put your heart into it and you will be amazed.It's true that most times the things we fear to do turns out to be the best yet.Be a go getter,break out of the norm.Everything you ever wanted to be or want to be is in you,God has put everything in you.The more you give it a try ,the more it helps you discover yourself. That single try might just be the best step you've ever taken.Never let your past experience be the judge of your present or future,if it didn't turn out well before have it in mind that it can only get are better than what your past says about you.Once you've discover your purpose in life and you know God is with you on it,don't be afraid to give it a try.move out of your comfort zone and you will be amazed at the positive turn of event.That one step of faith is all you need ."Faith+action/work= result" give it a try !


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