Wednesday, 1 February 2017


NUGGET: PSALM 84:6; They will pass through the Baca Valley where he will prepare a spring for them; even the early rain will cover it with blessings.Thank you Jesus !
I receive the early rain of mercy. The dew of refreshing is upon me and my household.I shall not hunger for food neither shall i thirst for the Lord has released his provision of blessing unto my store house.I have the blessings of God's goodness.Every valley of weeping in my life becomes a spring of rejoicing. The blessings of springs covers me and my household.I blossom as the lily in spring and i am blessed with the flourishing of Lebanon. My heart trusts in God and i am helped.I rejoice in the way of God's testimonies.With God i have overwhelming victory.God makes my crocked way straight and it drops fatness.The Lord increase me more and more, me and my household. My mouth is filled with bountiful testimonies.The meditation of God's word increases me daily.The Lord is my continual habitation of resort.God has given me the excellency of divine wisdom and understanding. My heart is instructed to follow the status of God.I receive all i have lost in full fold because the Lord is my great reward.I drink from the well of living water therefore i have satisfaction to the full.I manifest greatness and I'm i identified for blessing in Jesus name,amen!

TODAY'S TIP: The key to having a fruitful life is putting God first !


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