Monday, 27 February 2017


So many times it's all about getting to the top but the question is ; what is your influence while you speed up? Don't be too much in an haste to get up there that you neglect to make impact because the impact you make is your foot print in the sands of time .Your Sucess story shouldn't just be about you but also about being a blessing to others.
The glory and magnitude of your greatness have alot to do with the lives you have touched.Take note of the details that has to do with being a blessing and while you are on top stretch out your hands to raise others up.As much as you desire that speed make an impact ,it's not about being rich or not,it's about relevance .
Have this in mind that as you do the good will don't just act it but heart it. It simply means let what you come from your heart in Love.Don't just speed up be an influence while you are at it.


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