Tuesday, 7 February 2017


NUGGET: Joshua 4:14;That day, the LORD exalted Joshua in the presence of all Israel so that they revered him just as they had revered Moses throughout his life.Thank you Jesus !
I pray the word of God shall magnified in your life and all that concerns you. I decree that you shall no longer be looked down on, receive the oil of magnification by the power of God. The uncommon oil of divine celebration shall rain on you.The Lord shall do something in your life that will bring you honour for life.i decree that your hand shall find your mantle of solution.The Lord shall be with you and make you great.you shall wax strong and your heart shall not be feeble.The power of God is delivering someone from every oppression that has reduced you to nothing. The blood of Jesus is speaking increase over you.The power of God that made a difference on the cross shall make a difference in your life.The Lord shall magnify you exceedingly and make you a great name.The greatness of God that superceeds insult shall grace you.Undeserved blessing shall locate you.I decree that you shall joy in the strength of the Lord and you shall greatly rejoice.The Lord shall establish you  in righteousness as a nation and you shall be a city of glory and praise in Jesus name,amen !

TODAY'S TIP: Let your yea be yea and your nay be nay.let the word of truth never never cease from your mouth !


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