Thursday, 16 February 2017


You need that smile to make you bright.You don't have to wear a frown because it's stress on its own.putting on a sad look doesn't give your face and person a better appreciation. Don't feel like the world has crumbled on you,always have it in mind that every new day is a privilege and that should keep you happy and hopeful.Have faith ! The dawn will break and everything will turn anew like they never happened but you just to give your face a lift(smile) that's staying hopeful.Don't let those wrinkles build up on your face ,you don't need it.You did not make or create yourself, let your creator handle just the way he planned for you.Just smile and keep the hope alive,you deserve that face it cost you nothing yet it brings you all the joy .Your face lift (smile) is a precious gift to yourself !

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