Tuesday, 21 February 2017


The fact that your mate has done all that you haven't been opportuned to do doesn't make you less of yourself ; give yourself a break !
You make a target and you seem not to meet up to it doesn't mean it's over keep on trying you will get there,don't give up on the fight. Give yourself a break from telling yourself that you can't,that life is frustrating.Be positive minded !
Stop feeling less of yourself ,you have potentials and uniqueness that will inspire someone out there. Stop the self condemnation your debts has been paid in the currency of the
blood of Jesus. Give yourself a break ! Do away with the negative and discouraging thoughts ,you have brighter days ahead of you. Give yourself a break from all the worries of trying to do it by your power.By the arm shall no man prevail, God is he that gives power to do trust him.
Its time to give yourself a break and let God take control because it's the Lord that showeth mercy .It's grace that make the difference ,it's not by the arm of flesh .Take no thought God is in control !


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