Saturday, 11 February 2017


God is aware of everything (before ,in it,after) ,nothing takes him by surprise. We may see it as recession right now but God see's it as a session that will soon pass and his name will be glorified over it. Most times we use words like , "hope God is seeing what I'm going through" of course he is, he's aware.whatever is happening to you right now is not a coincidence and that is the more reason why you have to trust him even more because the things that happens to us he allows them for a reason.whatever God does is intentional is to proof a point in your life and bring glory to his name.There is no glory without a story ! There is no testimony without an experience ! God took the Israelites through the wilderness to humble them,there was a reason why that man was born blind so that the name of the Lord be glorified,there is always a reason why you are where you are at each point in our life.There is no shortcort but there is a solution cort and that is Jesus.On the cross he settled our debts not just our sins but everything about us and gave us his fullness.The death of Jesus on the cross was intentional to give us a better life in God.He is an intentional God ,he works things mysteriously it may not make sense to you because the human mind can't seem to understand God but know that no amount of human wisdom can beat his ways.He said have faith all things are possible ,because he knows those rough times will come but the currency we need at such time is faith in him ,which is able to shine the light of solution on us.your sustaining strength is not in how much you have in your account but in the fullness of God and in all he has released to us.God's intentional act in your life is what announces you to nations .Trust God even when things seem otherwise and be will proof himself beyond the odds .God's intentionality is about to bring you divine announcement on an international level to dine with royalty because you are royalty.He's intentional and he never fails !


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