Monday, 6 February 2017


When you are about to take a step or make decisions in life don't go looking for the probability of possibility rather ask God first to know if what you are pursuing or about to go into is his will.You need to know that there is a great grace that comes doing things that aligns to God's plan for you and there is no impossibility with him but you have to trust him first for everything.some people have missed golden opportunities in life because all their physical eyes could see were impossibilities instead of seeking for God's will ,the truth is the human eyes see impossible but God's eyes sees opportunities.when God is at work the human mind and eyes is unable to comprehend but with the help of the spirit and with the eyes of God you're sure of which way to go ,because the spirit of God will always direct you to will the of God.Even when you don't understand how it will work out but you are sure it's his will then you are good to go because God gives the grace for his will,he doesn't allow you to fall to the ground but keeps upholding you.Maybe the reason why you are still battling with that thing is because you didn't seek God's face about it and you are struggling against God's will.Don't let your decision just be based on how beautiful and attractive something looks, but how well it fits into God's plan for you because if God is not your foundation then you have no standing and you have no one to rest on .Let God be the foundation in all you do and he will give you grace beyond the odds,he will backup no matter what. His grace is the right ingredient you need for everything and even more his will comes first. Let God's will be your priority check and his grace will always be sufficient for you. Don't try to figure out how things will work out as far it's his will,God will definitely work things out.It's about his will and grace and not about youur ability and point of view. You have desires ,goals and vision in all God's will comes first !


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