Monday, 3 April 2017


The reason why there are so much lapses in love and it's definition in action is because people love and hate .why do you love and hate?  Saying you love with your lip but deep down what you feel is hate and resentment. Don't pretend to love, when you love true say it genuinely.
Don't try to force love or build it on a feign foundation because it will wash down the drain like flood waste. Love covers all when it is said genuinely, seen in action and from the heart but when it's just the word of the lip there will always be issues .Try to clear every hate in your heart so you can enjoy the true meaning and reward of love. Love isn't just peculiar to people of the opposite sex but it's for everyone.
For many lip loving and heart hating, it's time we embrace the God kind of love,that genuine. Love is light when it's true, it sparks overwhelming joy in a place. Mean every word of love from your heart and let's make the world a better place. Let love saturate your heart and melt that grudge. Above all, Christ has commanded us to love, stop the lip service. Don't love and hate!

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