Monday, 10 April 2017


Stop letting your plans revolve around your means (money at hand/bank)  or physical  strength because these things will run out ,it will fail at some point. You need to begin to learn how to revolve and involve the one true God in your plans, desire, goals who has all means that never run out. Maybe the reason why you are always having insufficiency is because you have revolved things around your ability than about God or made Him the center of it.
That situation keeps getting magnified because your focus has been around your ability and knowing than about God's supernatural ability .Your growth is in how much you can trust God irrespective of the challenges /obstacles. Let every step you take be rooted and revolve around God. It's time to take the burdens off your shoulder and leave it at His feet. When what you do is about God, His glory will be seen in it. It takes God no stress to settle what you've spent almost your whole life trying to get done. Just say it's all about Jesus and it is settled!


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