Wednesday, 19 April 2017


When you keep comparing yourself with others. You loose yourself worth in the process. Stop the comparison and concentrate on working in the path of purpose. Comparing yourself with others will also make you loose your originality and you'll begin to live your life to please others. Comparison is a dream killer and confidence demoralizer .
You are who you are and created to fulfill a divinely ordained purpose and the moment you realise this worth about who you are, then that urge for comparison dies down. It's good to push yourself to be better but not compare, because you see though you we're created by same God ,might be from same family, might have similarities, might be same age but yet you have your different timing in purpose fulfillment.
Comparison is a weigh of value, which involves one of lesser value and the other of greater value. Most times the person doing the comparison often makes the person involve end up seeing his /herself as lesser or at other times pride could set in. It's time to stop the comparison about yourself or others and focus on the part of your purpose and unique identity .You qualify to be You ,stop the comparison!


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