Sunday, 23 April 2017


Never see freedom as an opportunity to misbehave or show act of misconduct  rather use the freedom you have to leverage on opportunities. The thought of most people about freedom is to fly as a bird and at most times in the wrong direction. What you do when nobody is watching or giving you orders tells more about your person. Yes you are free from all the strict rules from parents and you've gotten all the freedom you want but how well have you been able to focus on the path of purpose.
Erase every negative  notion about being free and get back on track with your life. You owe yourself everything you ought to be. That freedom you have has made you a mirror of yourself .what kind of life do you desire for yourself?  Are you were you ought to be? If you have the freedom of going out without being questioned or seeking anyone's consent about it, why not use it wisely, go to places that will impact and add value to you.
Freedom is good but leverage on it wisely. Let every step you take speak positivity and value. Be conscious about your action and deliberately  stay on cause. Freedom is a chance to give yourself or do for yourself all that you owe you in the best possible way!


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