Tuesday, 25 April 2017


Most people's orientation is once it's good or looks good then it's a go, which is not always right. People have taken steps that looked good, made decision that seemed good, entered relationship that felt good without waiting to see if it was right, I mean if was right with God and it ended up a charade. What is according to God's will for you is what is termed a "right go" and not what seems good just for fleshly satisfaction or pity or self comfort.
Never make your decision based on a "good go" rather let it be according to the leading of what is right(God's will for you). Don't embark on a journey that is good to you but not right with God, because you have no life without God. Change your perception of what is good to what is right and you won't be walking in your own will but totally submitted to God's will. Even when it doesn't seem right with you at that moment when you get the leading, know this that what is right with God will eventually be in sync with you because He has the best plan for and has your best interest at heart. Don't force your will on God rather fix yourself totally under His will and make things right!


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