Wednesday, 5 April 2017


Knowing where you stand in life is very important. A double standard life will only lead you in a confused path. Not knowing where you stand will earn you an unstable life. Know where you stand as a person and in the life of others. In your personal life work with purpose and in the life of others or relation with others define your relationship, so you don't get stucked.
Don't just take decision rashly define the path you want to follow and ask God for help this will help your stand and stability. A life that is unstable will go with any storm that comes. Know where you stand and start building a foundation, it's not too late to start. The path you follow is what defines your destination.
It is time to stand for what you are and what you believe only then can you reach actualization.
Ask yourself today, where do I stand?  What 's my place in purpose?  What's my place in this or that persons life(impact, purpose, define)? Once you are able to know this it will help define your pathway in life. It's important you know where you stand!


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