Monday, 22 May 2017


Passion is a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something. Communication on the other hand is how you relate yourself, talent and information to people. It's more like reaching out and passing an impactful message.
Now the question is how do you communicate your passion ?  How do you pass a message with that strong enthusiastic feeling about yourself and the greatness inside of you ? Do you communicate that passion in a way that it leaves a lasting message in the heart of others and leaves you fulfilled?
Firstly it takes God, discipline and focus to communicate your passion right. If your passion is not communicated well it can be misinterpreted, mistaken for pride and even misled. Why the word communicate?  It is because passion or rather the expression of passion has to do with yourself in relation to people and things. So how well you are able to use it touch the lives of others depends on right communication.
You need God as your foundation and source, focus to keep your mind on the goal, discipline keeps you from getting carried away. How well have you been able to communicate your passion so much that it adds value to lives ,has alot to do with how far you will go with it. In communicating your passion you have to know your author, know what you want and know what is right, have a vision for your life so you are not tossed around. Having this in mind wherever you find yourself you should be able to communicate your passion right, make a good mark and leave a lasting impact !


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