Wednesday, 10 May 2017


Your secret place should never be a place to joke because what you do in the secret, your preparedness in the secret is what pays you in the open. Value your secret place, give yourself to working those issues out in your secret place. That secret place is between you,yourself and God. If you don't know the importance of your secret place and take positive advantage of it, you are likely to malfunction in the open.
What you do in your secret place has a lot of impact in your making and becoming process. Your secret place is your building and preparation zone. What you desire to see and not see starts with how well you sort it out with yourself and of course God involved in that secret place.
It is also called a secret place because it gives you a time for meditation and proper planning. The output of what people see about your life starts from your secret place. Work it out in your secret place. Your secret place is your work out zone!


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