Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Presentation is the symbolic image of what something or someone represent. It set's forth for the attention of the mind. It means every presentation has a message it passes across to the mind and giving an instant image of your person.
This is not about presentation of topics in slides and power point,this is self presentation. How you present yourself and what you represent matters a lot. The first thought that comes to mind when people see you, starts from you and how you want people to see you !

 Presentation is a symbolic image of what something represents it means your presence in every place should speak core value of who you are and what you represent. 

Also presentation according to occasion matters, so your purpose or persona is not misinterpreted. Don't go to places, without first trying to understand where you are going, why you are going or what your purpose is in a place.Doing a little survey ahead of time will help your self presentation and representation. The saying that says "first impression matters" has to do with your presentation . You have to be aware of the fact that presentation has to do with working on self, understanding your environment,working with purpose, prepare and set yourself in order of occasion.
Make sure that every presentation which has to do with your self presence passes the right message because it goes a long way in hearts of everyone you come in contact with!


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