Thursday, 25 May 2017


Most times people get platforms for expression of their God given talent or rather the raw gold God has placed in them and the first thing they do is weigh it as nothing.
Now hear this if God can look at your nothing and give you something great to attract platforms , then who are you to look down on any platform. Every platform given is an opportunity to be a blessing and also groom yourself in the process. Just as you feel that you are too big for a platform which God has given you as an opportunity, there might come a time when those platforms or that same platform becomes too big for you. Now except God is not giving you a go ahead about a platform then you can refuse to go but still don't look down on it but if otherwise then you should accept to gladly express your God given talent /gift gracefully.
No platform Is too small, you never know who is watching, you never know the life you're connected to, to change and bless, you never know what God can do through what you call little. Think beyond what you see there is greatness in everything it depends on how you see it!


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