Thursday, 4 May 2017


There are haste that have led some people back to zero point. Why haste when you can wait to build a foundation that will help prevent future mishap or waste.
Yes it could feel tempting sometimes when you seem not to have attain some certain positions your mates have reached or achieved what they have but I tell you a little more wait can help you prevent wasted years or forever .if only some people knew that all they had to do was just to be patient for few more hours, days, months or years to have the best life forever rather than hasting or pushing too early and have a wasted sour life I guess there will be less regrets. There is a difference between doing things at the right time and being in haste. Most times there are clocks that can never tick nor turn back when the deed is done, no matter how you wish for it. So it is better to make it right at once than having to start over. Don't get so carried away with other peoples life that you forget that timings are different.
Live in purpose, build yourself,pray, be patient. Haste is a deadly time killer especially when a wrong step is taken. As much as your heart pops up to reaching your destination in time, tell yourself or rather remind yourself  that you can only get there being your best and even better. It seems not easy but in the end it's worth it.
Quit the haste ,grow in your wait and make a positively impactful mark!


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