Tuesday, 9 May 2017



If you desire the extraordinary sacrifice,is a key factor. If you keep doing things from your convenience all you will get is normal or usual. If you desire a change in your spiritual atmosphere sacrifice your time more in the place of prayer. If you desire a desire a better career life ,go out of your way to doing things that will help build you and make you stand out. If you desire unusual blessing sacrificial giving is very essential. 

Wherever and whatever you desire a change in, your place of sacrifice to it has a great influence on the outcome. Give your best to the things that matters most because whatever input you give is what you get. The greater your input the more chance of a better outcome. 

Sacrifice your convenience for the extraordinary. A place of sacrificial input is a place of greater benefit. Your convenience is contentment with status quo ,your place of sacrifice is a place of moving out of the status quo into the unusual!


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