Wednesday, 17 May 2017


There is a huge difference between a person with a good moral and a God lover and it is knowing God truly.
A good moral can bend or break from pressure because it is the way some people have been able to mold themselves naturally into behaving  right, but a God lover has the grace to withstand pressure and press of life because they have submitted themselves to God and allowed God to mold them into shape. So a God lover goes beyond natural ability and self struggle it is grace that speaks but the reverse is the case of a good moral.
That is why most people get shock and surprises in friendship, relationship  and even marriage because many assumed and settled for a good moral and not being patient enough to check if that person has a yearning and a heart for God(God lover). When someone is a God lover what you see in them or about them is they bear good fruit with grace and God's grace is what keeps them standing against the storm. Why a person with just good moral is likely to waver with the storm and then that's when the shock and surprises comes in and you begin to ask yourself how come this massive change but he/she was never like this.
It is good that you also know that there are church goers who haven't been regenerated, so when I say God lover i'm not talking being religious here i'm saying having a heart for God. A good moral will waver but a God lover will stand the test of time because it goes beyond morals it is about bearing Christlike fruit and standing with grace. So don't make your conclusion about a person based on good morals alone, go after a Godly heart. Don't look at a person from just deeds and morals, look at the heart that yearns for God because that's what will stand the test of time!


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