Friday, 26 May 2017


Working for God doesn't guarantee your relationship with Him,walking with God is what does because walking with God is having a personal relationship with Him ,it goes beyond the activities. You can be working for God but your heart is not aligned with Him.
How do you comprehend your boost of working for God yet you easily dine in the pleasures of a sin. Remember that your reward is not with man but with God. Don't be fooled by so much activities or post held in church, if you are not walking with God and your heart is not focused on Him in the end it only amounts to zero. Do all you do knowing fully well that in the end it's not about men's appraisal but God's glory.
How is your work with God? if you care about the voice of men than God's voice then your walk with God is questionable. If you fear your spiritual leaders more than you fear and reverence God who sees in the secret then your walk with God has not even started .
Walking with God is more about being God dependent because your reward in the end majorly depends on your walk with him, for God looks through the way things appear. It's not about your eye service but your heart service to the father. If your walk with God is still questionable and you boost or claim to work for God then all you are doing is physical activities. It is not wrong to work for God infact it is important but do it having an unquestionable walk with God so your reward in the end is an embrace from the father and not a rejection from Him . So it's time to retrace your step, Start ,focus and build a better walk with God!


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