Friday, 5 May 2017


Oh!  How Most people have allowed themselves be cumbered with worries of what criticism they might get and have let their voices be silenced. Forget all and follow that which is right. Never allow yourself  get oppressed to silence. Your voice holds a powerful place in your destiny. Speak to make impact, speak to bless, speak to be a voice in your generation, speak and pave way for your future, speak with a difference but don't speak hate !
Your voice is a tool and a power force of who you are, how you project it and the direction to which it Is heard has alot to do with how well your impact is made. Your voice can speak victory or be silenced in defeat but it all depends on you. How well do you make use of your voice as a positive and powerful tool?  Speak out for yourself and your generation.
You are not a failure till you accept defeat and resign at it. Being voiceless or silent simply depicts that you concur to whatever comes your way good or bad. Your voice needs to be heard, your opinion counts, speak out. You might be that one voice that changes everything, speak out !


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