Tuesday, 20 June 2017


We are bounded by different choices and the desire to live by them. The choice you make today has a fulfilling or terminating effect on your tomorrow. Choices that are not inline with your purpose,doesn't aid a better you, or which are made just to satisfy the flesh are dangerous choices.
Write the vision ,make it plain and run by it. The difference between the product of your tomorrow and someone else's are the choices made.
Don't  make a choice under pressure or self doubt ,no matter how little the time is between making that choice still take few seconds to think through. Most of all ask the holy spirit to guide your choice.
The choice you make should be beneficial to your destiny and have a good influence on others. You are who you choose to be and your life is a product of the choices you make. Don't jump when you have not walked, don't walk when you have not crawled except God is directing/instructing you specifically. Be wise in your choices. Don't blind your eyes to realities that are capable of bringing you back to zero level. You have the privilege of making that choice be wise and let God be your lead. Your choice is your chase and your life eventually becomes a product of it. Choose right!


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