Monday, 12 June 2017


Ideas are thought flows and connections we make daily. If well communicated to the right audience and acted upon can change the world.
Ideas are the raw material of today and the refined product of the future. The question is do you have an idea?  If so, what have you done with it.Have you tasted it, have you refined it, do you know how to sell it, market it and keep improving on it?  Coming up with an idea is a process we almost do unconsciously but it is how we handle the idea and our brain child after giving birth to it that matters most. You have to be able to nurture your idea, test it and sell it. Don't be shy about sharing your ideas with others.
Networking and connecting your idea seeking/receiving advice from others help build you. But remember that not all feedback will be positive but then it helps you to know how to respond to the negative.
Ideas rule the world don't let your idea die. Nurture them ,test them, expose them, sell them and just keep going.


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