Saturday, 10 June 2017


Success in life is all about being able to stand through changes and storm. Change is constant and is a part of life we can't miss. One of the abilities we need is being able to make sense of chaos because we all face it at one time or the other.
It could be things not going as planned or expected or at other time things changing such that we can't keep up with them .To make sense of chaos you have to be calm. It's only when your mind is not cluttered that you can think up productive solution.
In addition to this when dealing with chaos, be flexible and be willing to change your approach. Don't be straight-jacketed or narrow your thoughts boundaries as the solution may just lie outside the boundaries you have set.Be ready to look at unusual places, people sources and templates. Patience always wins, so when you can't do anything and you have tried all you can be patient and await the next way and be ready to enjoy the ride.

And remember that chaos is good sometime as it forces us to change and reevaluate!


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