Wednesday, 28 June 2017


The true beauty of a person is from within. The outward appearance is good but it goes beyond that to know the true beauty of a person. A lovely package without a content is equal to nothing. Your content is what makes you amazing.
Your content is your character, humility, drive, focus, attitude, the ability for people to realte with you without being afraid of being humiliated. How you savor and the positivity you emit makes you beautiful.
Work more on the inner beauty don't let people unravel to meet an empty content. Let people desire more meetings with you even after a first meet because of your content (the inner beauty). Your inner self needs a proper clean up and a right shaping. So you can begin to radiate from within.
The key to having a lasting friendship is your inner beauty. The outward beauty moves the eyes and last for a while but what lays a lasting foundation in the heart is the inner beauty/content. As much as you want to make eyes trip, make heads turn and droll it important to work towards leaving a lasting seed of positive impact in the heart. The inner beauty builds a stronger bond !


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