Saturday, 3 June 2017


From family to the society and even on social media there is a cry of prejudice. People no longer see love as a tool to make peace and live in harmony rather hate has taken over the hearts of many.
There is a cry of prejudice from the young and old . You have to know that love is a better tool than hate would ever be. Every lip that professes love should be from the heart. When hearts are illuminated with love there will be no place for prejudice because your words are rooted from your heart .
Take a feel or do an evaluation of your own words and action,when it doesn't go down well with you or won't go down well when same is said to you then it definitely will have a negative effect on the person you about to lash it on. It's about time you put a stop to wrong judgement, the hate and every kind of bullying .The toll effect of your words and action depends greatly on how the message is relayed. Let love be what influences your words and action. Say no to being a part of the instigators of prejudice. Lovs is the healing balm for prejudice .Let love live and let's live in love !


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