Thursday, 8 June 2017


The different seasons in a mans life are very important. It is important in making decisions, setting goals and also knowing right directions. Knowing and understanding the season you're in season helps you to savour well in your pursuit and purpose.
What season of your life are you ? What moves are you making this season ? Whose life are you impacting this season?
Knowing the season in time gives you answers to certain questions and this answers fall in place on their own accord. For you to be aware of the different seasons of your life and know what steps to take in accordance to it, you have to seek your author (God) diligently and let Him take the lead.
Every season brings you to a whole new dawn/level . You might just be doing the right thing in the wrong season or the wrong thing at the right season. There is a season in time for the unveiling of certain things in your life, don't jump and don't lack behind you have to stay on course. When priorities of pursuit are misplaced in seasons the right results are not gotten. Seasons has to do with the right timing of certain things in your life. Don't go ahead of your maker seek Him first and let Him bring you into the right seasons of your life. Stop hitting the nail at the wrong spot.
For some people somethings are due for this season but you seem confuse, seek God. For some other you need a little more patient for that decision you're about to make because this is not the season in time. Don't forget that you need the right season to savour well in areas of your life. Most of all you need God to show you and take you through the different seasons of your life. Get in tune with him and let Him bring you into your season!


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