Monday, 5 June 2017


There are some people who have had it rough and even made mistakes at certain point in their life's then realised it and traced back their steps but  lacked the courage to move on. You shouldn't allow your mistakes define you. Mistake is spelt "missed a take" missed means it's passed there is a gift/privilege of a second chance that not everyone is opportune to have, the fact that you mistook a step shouldn't stop you from taking another and even doing much better.
Yes you made a mistake but you have to be courageous enough to move on from it after retracing your steps. One of the major reasons why most people lack courage is becauseof   low self esteem from the fearful thought of being judged by their mistakes. You have to know this, that the world is not in control of your life God your maker is , His word is a lamp unto your feet and so long as he has given you a second chance no one has the right to be a judge over you. You have been given a chance to make right the wrong, you don't have to keep dwelling on that mistake, pick up courage and keep moving.
The prodigal son made a mistake, he realised it and retraced his step but he didn't allow himself to be subdued by his mistake, he was ready to start from somewhere in fact I would say he was ready to start from anywhere but he didn't stay at a spot. No matter how broken things are around you, don't allow yourself to be broken, don't give up on yourself. The second chance you have is to be better. Positively leverage on that  past experience and be all that God wants you to be. You have no idea why God allowed certain things to happen or for you to go some kind of way at that point. Someone is waiting for your story and victory testimony to break free. Instead of dwelling on that mistake heal your world with it. Keep moving your best days are ahead of you.
You might be prodigal but you can be better!



  1. Very true, and people forget that what was meant for evil, God can use for good. What sinners who repent end up with is a powerful testimony.